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How to Use Microsoft Office Mix

Powerpoint Mix Tab

Kenith Wilson, Educational Technologist, Educational Media Support Center, Boston University Medical Center

Wayne LaMorte, Office of Teaching and Digital Learning, Boston University School of Public Health

The Mix add-in has been discontinued. Most of the previous Mix features have been included in PowerPoint. If your version has gotten that update, you should be able to customize your tool bar to add a new Recording tab that’ll have the new features. …

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Header Configuration

1. Top1

Frontend Appearance


To configure Login, please go toExtensions >> Templates >>Click ‘Edit’ >> Select ‘Basic’ module

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Keeping your viewers glued to your webpage while it loads is like trying to stop a time bomb, except that it doesn’t blow people into tiny bits.

As Scott mentioned, Adobe Animate focuses on canvas animations, not CSS, and AE on video. As far as I know, there are certain plugins that you can use to force the export of an SVG file, but it isn’t exactly the best solution.

Some web designers give special attention by providing users with some entertainment while the all the information they want to see are still waiting to be…

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